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8-9 August 2019


Camp 1: 12-13 August 2019 
Camp 2: 13-14 August 2019



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Zone 0 : HKU and HKUSU membership registration

Venue : Loke Yew Hall

Recommended schedule for freshmen to come registry:


9 Aug 2018 0930 – 1230 Dentistry
  1430 – 1700 Engineering
Social Sciences
10 Aug 2018 0930 – 1230 Architecture
Law (LLB only)
  1430 – 1700 Arts
Businesss and Economics


Zone 1 : Faculty and Academic Society


Faculty(ies) Location(s)
Business and Economics K.K. Leung Building
Medicine Medical Campus (shuttle bus from Main Campus) 
Law Cheng Yu Tung Tower
Science Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building
Arts Centennial Campus
Dentistry Prince Philip Dental Hospital (shuttle bus from Main Campus)
Education Runme Shaw Building
Architecture Knowles Building
Engineering Haking Wong Building
Social Sciences Centennial Campus

Zone 2 : Cultural Association, Sports Association and Independent Clubs Association

Venue: Composite Building (Union Building)


Zone 3 : Hall Community

Venue: Run Run Shaw Podium

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Things To Bring…

  • Admission Letter
  • Identity Card with a hardcopy
  • Money ($2000 ~ $2500) for various memberships, camp fees, etc.
  • Passport-size photos x 5 ~ 7
  • Pen and notebook
  • Umbrella (to block both rain and sunshine)
  • Water and some snacks (in case the canteens are too occupied)

Sweet Reminders…

  • Memorise your UID right after Zone 0 which gives you great convenience when applying to all other events.
  • Please get all the Zone chops at the end of each zone, or else you can’t go hall tour!
  • Don’t let your tummy feel empty so please have some food before coming.
  • Do more researches about sub-organizations under H.K.U.S.U. first to find your interested clubs and associations.
  • Be aware of the clashed schedule of activities held by different orientation activities – don’t apply them simultaneously to make your first schedule in HKU perfect!
  • Check the refund policies listed in the notice carefully. And remember to keep all the receipts which might help during refund.


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East Gate West Gate
 MTR HKU Station Exit A HKU Station Exit A
Bus Admiralty: 23/40/40M Mong Kok/Yau Ma Tei/Jordan: 970/970XCentral(Exchange Square): 4/4X/7/30X/91
Minibus Central (Exchange Square): 8/22 Mong Kok: Red Minibus (Outside Golden Era Plaza)Central(Pottinger Street): 55


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If Tropical Storm Warning Signal No. 8 (or above) or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted or in force:

During 0600-1100 on 9/8 Morning session of 9/8 will be postponed to the afternoon of 9/8
During 1100-1800 on 9/8 Afternoon session of 9/8 will be postponed to the morning of 10/8
After 0600 on 9/8, and is still in force after 1100 Both sessions of 9/8 will be postponed to 10/8
During 0600-1100 on 10/8 Morning session of 10/8 will be postponed to the afternoon of 10/8
During 1100-1800 on 10/8 Afternoon session of 10/8 will be postponed to the morning of 10/8
After 0600 on 12/8, and is still in force after 1100 Both sessions of 10/8 will be postponed to 11/8