Students’ Association

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 “To strive for an environment where Starrians can develop personal qualities, interpersonal skills and global awareness to contribute to society.”


We acknowledge the major aim of hall education is to develop Starrians’ personal qualities, their interpersonal skills and have a comprehensive understanding towards our globe. These are basic and predominating qualities and skills which an university student should acquire throughout university life. Other than practical skills and characteristics, positive attitudes developed are essential and beneficial to nurture all-round person, equipping them to face challenges from the ever-changing and competitive world.



Cultural Sub-committee

It aims to popularize cultural events among Starrians and raise their interests in and appreciation of a variety of cultural events, thus facilitating Starrians’ cultural exchange.

High Table Dinner Sub-committee

High Table Dinner is a tradition of the University of Hong Kong. It aims at promoting intellectual exchange among guests and hallmates. High Table Dinner Sub-committee organizes 6 High Table Dinners for Starrians every academic year, bringing unforgettable memories to all participants.

International Students’ Network

Among 500 Starrians here, one-third of us are international students. International Students’ Network not only facilitates communications among Starrians regardless of their backgrounds and cultures, but also aims to cultivate cultural inclusion and broaden the horizon of each other. In the activities local Hong Kong cultures would be introduced to international students, while opportunities would also provided for non-students to initiate events for both non-local and local students.

Publications Sub-committee

Through productions to promote hall events and entertain all living in Starr Hall, the committee members can unleash their artistic talents and skills in this sub-committee.

Social Affairs Sub-committee

In the three branches of current affairs, social service and environment protection, the sub-committee members initiate events to raise Starrians’ social awareness to be a responsible local and global citizen.

Sports Sub-committee

To broaden Starrians’ sports knowledge, the sub-committee members organize several innovative events to let others, especially sports-phobics, to know more about new balls and other sports games.

Executive Committee

PLEIADES (Session 2021-2022)

SIX_75E697B4-415C-43EE-83C9-342076F9D4C0Consisting of 11 apparent stars, PLEIADES, one of the nearest star clusters to Earth is the most obvious in the night sky. Each of the stars is located in different locations and with different magnitudes. Similarly, members of Pleiades all have unique characteristics and areas of expertise. We will all strive for excellence and give us our best in our respective areas of work, shining in our unique way. Members of Pleiades are from different units, possessing different backgrounds, but we are determined to form the best picture during our term. We aim to provide Starrians with the typical hall experience during aberrant times, and to maintain the harmonious environment in Starr hall.

Acting Chairperson Chan Yin Tsun
Acting Internal Vice Chairperson Chu Tan Ching
Acting External Vice Chairperson Ho Chun Fai
Acting General Secretary Tsoi Ping Yi
Acting Financial Secretary Tse Po Yan, Grace
Acting Welfare Secretary Lam Chit
Acting Publications and Publicity Secretary Ching Hou Sze
Acting Social Affairs Secretary Lam Chung Yung
Acting Cultural Secretary Wong Cheuk Hei
Acting Sports Secretary Yim Chi Ping
Acting Social Secretary Tang Chun Bun, Chris
Past Committee Representative Lo Wing Yip, Ronnie

昉GEMUNI (Session 2020-2021)



GEMUNI means Gemini and Unity.

Gemini is one of the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac, symbolizing a twin. “昉” is a Chinese character meaning sunrise, which symbolizes the rising of Starr Hall. Every day begins with a sunrise. Similarly, every year begins with a new cabinet working for Starr Hall. We, 昉Gemuni, formed by two people who have similar aspirations, would like to work together as a whole to serve Starr Hall.


Chairperson, acting Internal Vice Chairperson Lo Wing Yip, Ronnie
External Vice Chairperson, acting Sports Secretary Law Hei Lun, Henry
Acting Financial Secretary Leung Ho, Ryan
Acting Cultural Secretary Yip Yan Tung, Angel
Past Committee Representative Lau Suet Ying, Rachel

AMAVI (Session 2019-2020)


Amavi logo


Amavi, meaning “We Love”, is extracted from the Latin phrase “Veni, Vidi, Amavi” – meaning “We Come, We See, We Love.” Amavi manifests each Executive Committee member’s devotion towards Starr Hall. We are here not only to observe and experience, but also to give back and contribute to the place where we stay, where we share our ups and downs, and most importantly, where we truly love.


Chairperson Lau Suet Ying, Rachel
Internal Vice Chairperson Abratique Sharon T.
External Vice Chairperson Lee Pui Chung, Nicky
General Secretary, acting Publications and Publicity Secretary Chong Ham
Financial Secretary Luo Jinhong, Jack
Cultural Secretary, acting Welfare Secretary Wong Mei
Sports Secretary Wong Siu Fung, Samuel
Past Committee Representative Lam Tsz To, Calvin

LYRA (Session 2018-2019)


Lyra, one of the brightest constellations in the night sky, is symbolised by the lyre. A Lyre is said to have the ability to play music sweeter than any other instrument. Like the lyre, each member of the Executive Committee possesses their own distinct and holds an irreplaceable place in the cabinet. Together, Lyra would work as one to spot situations swiftly and resolve them efficiently in order to provide a harmonious environment for all Starrians.


Chairperson, acting Social Affairs Secretary Lam Tsz To, Calvin
Internal Vice Chairperson Ching Hou Yee
External Vice Chairperson Chow Pak Hei, Parco
General Secretary, acting Cultural Secretary Lau Tsz Kwan, Janet
Financial Secretary, acting Welfare Secretary Yu Ching, Rachael
Publications and Publicity Secretary Lam Tsz Wai, Judy
Sports Secretary Hon Cheuk Yee, Cherry
Past Committee Representative Chen June Hon, Benson

HORUS (Session 2017-2018)



Horus is an Egyptian god representing cure and protection, indicating our determination to cure the situation in Starr Hall as well as to protect the good values of our hall culture. Horus endeavours to build a cohesive atmosphere in Starr Hall, thus is committed to encouraging Starrians’ more active involvement in hall affairs while promoting unity among Starrians. We also hope to provide a platform for Starrians to unleash their potential while earning the most out of it.

Chairperson, acting External Vice Chairperson and Sports Secretary Chen June Hon, Benson
Internal Vice Chairperson, acting Financial Secretary Chu Gary Chun Hung
Acting Cultural Secretary Leung Hoi Ki, Celia
Past Committee Representative Cheung Lai Chit, Richard

VEZA (Session 2016-2017)


“Veza” is a Croatian word which means bonding and connection.We believe that a community will only be at its best when all parts of it are united as one. We are committed to connecting all Starrians and working for a better future of Starr Hall. We hope to develop a stronger connection among Starrians by providing different platforms for them to experience and work together.


Chairperson Leung Hoi Pok, Tim
Internal Vice Chairperson Cheung Lai Chit, Richard
External Vice Chairperson Ton Tai On, Tony
General Secretary, acting social affairs Secretary Wong Ting, Meredith
Financial Secretary, acting Welfare Secretary Yuen Wing Hei, Molly
Publications and Publicity Secretary Wong Wing Yu, Natalie
Cultural Secretary Chan Cheryl Wing Suet
Sports Secretary Chan Po Sum, Marco
Past Committee Representative Leung Kwan Lap, Ivan

AETAS (Session 2015-2016)

Layer 1
“Aetas” is a Latin word which means era and time. We endeavour to unite Starrians as one in an era of unity and commitment. We hope Starrians can seize the time, unleash their potential — not only to gain the most out of here, but also to work collectively towards a better Starr Hall.

Chairperson Lee Hei Shun, Mark
Internal Vice Chairperson, acting Sports Secretary Leung Kwan Lap, Ivan
External Vice Chairperson, acting Social Affairs Secretary Wong Yung, Tracy
Financial Secretary, acting Cultural Secretary Chan Kwok Wan, Eric
Past Committee Representative Law Yik Tung, Alex


EFFIO (Session 2014-2015)


“Effio” is a Latin word which means to construct and realise with innovations. We believe by staying proactive and positive when we are facing the coming challenges, we can lead ahead and make a difference, no matter within Starr Hall or even in society.


Chairperson Mak Chun Yin, Patrick
Internal Vice Chairperson, acting Welfare Secretary Law Yik Tung, Alex
External Vice Chairperson Ho Ka Yin, Arika
General Secretary, acting Social Affairs Secretary Mak Wun Ting, Tracy
Financial Secretary, acting Cultural Secretary Lau Chui Yee, Co Co
Publications and Publicity Secretary Liu Ngo Man, Jason
Sports Secretary Tsang Chun Fung, Eric
Past Committee Representative Chui Hing Cheung, Ronald

CAERUS (Session 2013-2014)



“Caerus” is the Greek God of opportunity and right moment. We believe it is the right timing for us to try establishing core values, to further promote unity and strengthen bonding within Starr Hall.


Chairperson Chui Hing Cheung, Ronald
Internal Vice Chairperson Lo Yan Yin, Isabella
External Vice Chairperson Tjang Ming Wai, Victor
General Secretary Chan Ka Lam, Gabi
Financial Secretary, acting Welfare Secretary Chow Chu Han, Cyrus
Publications and Publicity Secretary Lai Tin Yan, Amy
Social Affairs Secretary Kwok Yiu Hei, Gaga
Cultural Secretary Chan Jian, Jaime
Sports Secretary Kwan Tsz Ching, Natalie
Sports Captain Lo Chun Wing, Louis
Social Secretary Tsang Hei Man, Sylvia
Past Committee Representative Tsui Lee Ka, Vanessa

FIDES (Session 2012-2013)

“Fides” is a Latin word which was a goddess that personified the concepts of trust, honesty and good faith in the Roman tradition. As the name of our cabinet, Fides represents the nature of the relationship we wish to share among Starrians  a relationship built on mutual trust.


Chairperson Ho Chun Ho
Internal Vice Chairperson Lo Kinling
External Vice Chairperson Tsui Lee Ka, Vanessa
General Secretary Wong Ka Ho, James
Financial Secretary Yip Shung Lai, Andrew
Welfare Secretary Shiu Yo Yo
Publications and Publicity Secretary Pang Ka Yee, Evelyn
Current Affairs Secretary Law Man Kin, Kinson
Cultural Secretary Wong Ka Lok, Ernest
Sports Secretary Tsang Wai Zee, Vincci
Sports Captain Yiu Chu Kong, Konvic
Social Secretary Li Hon Man
Past Committee Representative Wong Yat Chun, Marco

DECAS (Session 2011-2012)

“Decas” is a Latin word which means “Decade”. At the same time, it means “Successful story” in French. In the year of 2011, Starr Hall is stepping into its 10th Anniversary, which is a milestone for Starr Hall. It is our belief to proceed and establish a core value for Starr Hall in this year.  Also, we are determined to incorporate all the dreams of 500 Starrians into a successful story.


Chairperson Chau Sze Chit
Internal Vice Chairperson Cheng Ka Lai, Kelly
External Vice Chairperson Kwan Che Wa
General Secretary Chow Lai Shun, Tommy
Financial Secretary Tam Kin Wai, Ronno
Cultural Secretary Wong Yat Chun, Marco
Sports Secretary Chan Lok Man, Denize
Past Committee Representative Chan Yat Chun, Theo

SINCERO (Session 2010-2011)

Sincero means “wholehearted” in Spanish. As members of the Executive Committee, it is our belief that being responsible, devoted, earnest and diligent are elements that we should achieve. Yet, serving our hallmates wholeheartedly is of utmost importance. Simultaneously, it is our desire that every hallmate would treat Starr Hall wholeheartedly with participating more in hall activities, so as to achieve an all-rounded development and build up a sense of belonging.


Chairperson Chan Yat Chun, Theo
Internal Vice Chairperson Chan Tsz Yee, Jenny
External Vice Chairperson Hui Pui Ting, Angela
General Secretary Tang Hon Man, Stefany
Financial Secretary Chan Yin Tung
Publications Secretary Ng Kwok Wai, Patrizia
Cultural Secretary Lou Yu Wun, Yvonne
Sports Secretary Lok Tsz Yan
Past Committee Representative Pang Kai Chuen, Gordon

SVARI (Session 2009-2010)

Svari means ‘balance’ in Latvian. By maintaining an environment where activities are not made mandated, we would like to provie a platform for hallmates to develop their potentials to the fullest. It is our belief that to give and to take are the two ends of a balance. The more you give, the more you can take. With active participation, hallmates can develop a sense of belonging towards Starr Hall.


Chairperson Pang Kai Chuen, Gordon
Internal Vice Chairperson Wong Cho Yee, Joey
External Vice Chairperson Lo Hing Yee, Jennifer
General Secretary Fung Hoi Ling, Helen
Financial Secretary Ho Ka Ho, Jason
Welfare Secretary Tang Man Ka, John
Cultural Secretary Wong Wing Yan, Yan
Men’s Sports Captain Te Thomas Junior, Thomas
Past Committee Representative Yap Kar Lok, Carlos

VORAUS (Session 2008-2009)

Voraus is a German word, meaning ‘head’ and ‘to advance’. Since its establishment, Starr Hall has developed rapidly in different aspects. Based on the current foundation, we hope to develop a core value, and hence build up a sense of belonging among hallmates. As a result, hallmates shall be proud of being Starrians. By passing on the hall concept to the future generations, we hope that Starr Hall will charge ahead and advance into a new era.


Chairperson Wong Kit, Phoebe
Internal Vice Chairperson Chan Yuk Ting, Grace
External Vice Chairperson Yap Kar Lok, Carlos
General Secretary Leung Yi Ngai, Michael
Financial Secretary Lai Chun Hei
Welfare Secretary Chung Hong Lun, Craig
Cultural Secretary Yu Lok Man, Ellen
Social Secretary Yip Wing Shuen, Kyo
Publications Secretary Fung Ying Ho, Alex
Men’s Sports Captain Lam Ho Yeung, George
Women’s Sports Captain Chan Shuk Yi, Rachel

ZELUS (Session 2007-2008)

Zelus is a name derived from Greek legend, symbolizing zeal and emulation. Zeal is an enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal or goal; while emulation is to excel through effort. It is our hope that, through wholehearted participation, active interaction and mutual respect, hallmates can develop strong bonds of friendship in a harmonious environment. Through sharing common experiences and striving for excellence as a community, we envision that Starrians will develop a sense of belonging and devotion towards our hall.


Chairperson Chan Chik Xing, Jason
Internal Vice Chairperson Ng Ka Ying, Winnie
External Vice Chairperson Lam Lok Ting, Tiffany
General Secretary Yeung Ka Hoi, Vincent
Financial Secretary Chan Yin Kam, Kammy
Welfare Secretary Leung King Sang
Welfare Secretary So Kwong Wing, Raymond
Cultural Secretary Mak Chi Leung, Ron
Social Secretary Li Chi Long, Ronald
Publications Secretary Chow Lai Shan, Chole

FOVEO (Session 2006-2007)

Foveo is a Latin, meaning ‘to encourage’, ‘to support’, and ‘to cherish’. It is our aim. We believe that through encouragement, hallmates will be willing to share their own culture and values, so as to establish a strong bind of friendship. Moreover, we designate to encourage innovation, devotion and achivement for a point of balance. For us, it is no easy path; therefore, we are cordially asking for your support. With your valuable opinion, we deem that we faster an environment which our hallmates would cherish of being a Starrian.


Chairperson Chik Wan Tsing, Katrina
Internal Vice Chairperson Cheung Kai Hoi, Hoi
External Vice Chairperson Wong Sze Pan, Stephen
General Secretary Cheuk Chor Shu, Isabel
Financial Secretary Li Ka Chim, Allen
Welfare Secretary Hui Yuk Fu, Yodith
Cultural Secretary Lau Ngai Laam, Anthony
Publications Secretary Siu Chi Heng, Eric
Men’s Sports Captain Ho Chun Yuen, Wilson
Past Committee Representative Chan But Ping, Eric

YO2D (Session 2005-2006)

Chairperson Lo Ka Chun, Chun
Internal Vice Chairperson Ling Po Fung, Enoch
External Vice Chairperson Chan But Ping, Eric
General Secretary Li Zheng, Apple
Financial Secretary Chau Wing Wo, Jeff
Welfare Secretary Ho Man Ching
Cultural Secretary Cheung Hui Fung, Samantha
Men’s Sports Captain Chen Kun, Peter

NOVA (Session 2004-2005)

Chairperson Hui Lap Tak, Nigel
Internal Vice Chairperson Cheng Mei Wan, Rita
External Vice Chairperson Wu Hin Wa, George
General Secretary and Acting Financial Secretary Yan To Yung, Daniel
Welfare Secretary Lo Ka Yiu, Timothy
Cultural Secretary Wong David
Publications Secretary Chan Wing Pui, Estelle
Men’s Sports Captain Ho Chun Kit, Ahkit
Acting Women’s Sports Captain Cheung Yi Nei, Lynette
Current Affairs Secretary Wong Pui Sum, Cherry


SATUS (Session 2003-2004)

SATUS is a Latin word which means origin, beginning, planting and sowing. To construct a stable building, a solid and sound foundation is a must. So does establishing Starr Hall culture. As SATUS contains the meaning of beginning and planting, it represents that we are aiming to construct a stable foundation for Starr Hall culture, to try our best to serve for all Hall mates, and to plant a wonderful future for Starr Hall.

Acting Chairperson Tam Wai Shing, Vincent
Acting Internal Vice Chairperson Ng Mei Ki, Miki
Acting External Vice Chairperson Fung Hoi Ka, Veronica
Acting Financial Secretary Chong Tee Kam, William
Acting Welfare Secretary Tsui King Yu, Chris
Acting Cultural Secretary Ho Lam Horis
Acting Women’s Sports Captain Mann Ching Ting, Cindy


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