Reg day 2023

12 Aug – 13 Aug



Camp 1:   15-16 Aug
Camp 2:  16-17 Aug


  • Admission Letter
  • Identity Card with a hardcopy
  • Money ($2000 ~ $2500) for various memberships, camp fees, etc.
  • Passport-size photos x3-5
  • Umbrella (to block both rain and sunshine)
  • Water and some snacks (in case the canteens are too occupied)
  • Memorise your UID right after Zone 0 which gives you great convenience when applying to all other events.
  • Don’t let your tummy feel empty so please have some food before coming.
  • Do more researches first to find your interested clubs and associations.
  • Be aware of the clashed schedule of activities held by different orientation activities – don’t apply them simultaneously to make your first schedule in HKU perfect!
  • Check the refund policies listed in the notice carefully. And remember to keep all the receipts which might help during refund.