Located in the Jockey Club Student Village I on Pokfulam Road, Starr Hall was established in the residential year 2001-2002. The development was funded by a generous donation to the University of Hong Kong by the Starr foundation.

The Starr Foundation was established in 1955 by Cornelius Vander Starr (1892-1968), a pioneer in the international insurance industry who established his first company in Shanghai in 1919.  The Foundation makes grants in education, medicine and healthcare, international relations, human needs, culture and the environment, with a special focus on Asia.  Mr. Starr’s last wishes were that his closest partners should continue to run his companies and his charitable foundation, led by Maurice R. Greenberg, who continues as the Chairman of the Starr Companies and The Starr Foundation.

The 24-floors strong hall caters to the largest percentage of students among the hall community, with accommodations for 500 male and female students both locally and internationally. At its establishment, Starr Hall was famous for its highest ratio of local students and exchange students among all the other halls at the university.

At present, we are still committed to offering channels for communication and interaction between local and exchange students. Starr Hall aims to provide chances for hallmates to explore themselves through cultural exchange and community life. Our extensive network of local-exchange interaction ensures that, through living with people of different characters, ethnicities and backgrounds, hallmates will be opened to endless opportunities for personal development.