Handball Team is the new sports team to Starr Hall. A group of handball fevers establish the team to promote the spirit of playing handball, both to men and ladies here. Despite no triumphant result this year, it is believed, with their whole-heart effort and perseverance shown in training and inter-hall competition, the day of success is not far.


The Volleyball Team is showing tremendous talent and proves to be a force to be recognized. We look further to see how both the men’s and ladies’ teams strive for the best and fight their way through. They demonstrate strength, determination and endurance. Come and enjoy the passionate volleyball with us!


Since the establishment of softball team, we aim at promoting softball in Starr Hall and improving the skill of teammates. Practices are held regularly. We have participated in Inter-Hall Softball Competition for several years. With the huge effort paid and the hardship Softball Teams have been going through, Starr Hall Softball Teams have gone over several breakthroughs, getting remarkable results. The Ladies’ Softball Team even came third in the Inter-Hall Ladies’ Softball Competition this year!


Lacrosse, being one of the new ball games, is available at HKU exclusively in the region. It is played in a way similar to soccer. With 10 players in each team, the ultimate target is to get the lacrosse ball, using lacrosse sticks, into the opponents’ goal. Established for years, Starr Lacrosse Team has regular practices in which team members have no doubt built up a sense of belonging and the passion in playing the game. As the “fastest ball game on Earth”, players show their hot blood in this real-man sports.


Established in 2008, Starr Hall Hockey Team is the newest sports team in Starr Hall, but it is already participating in the Inter-Hall competitions for both male and female categories. Being one of the new ball games, players learn from beginning. It is all about passion and determination you have!


Basketball integrates hallmates from different nationalities. Teammates join together and strive for their best. Other than the sportsmanship they have, friendship is built in sweats. Throughout the year, Basketball Team players put much effort in training and were pay off. Ladies’ Basketball Team even came first in the Inter-Hall Basketball Competition this year!


Starr Hall Badminton Team welcomes you! You do not need to be a very skillful player, what we want are hallmates who are passionate in playing badminton, please join us together and we hope to have improvements with you all. We win with glory because of your support! This year, Starr Hall won the first runner-up both in the inter-hall game! Please come and support us in inter-hall competitions!


Starr Hall Athletics Team participated in Inter-Hall Athletics Meet and Campus Run every year. Team members do not only have regular practices, but sometimes run to Queen Mary Hospital at night together for extra fitness training. It is always brilliant to witness athletes keep challenging their limits and breaking their records. This year, Starr Hall won the second runner-up both in the Inter-Hall Men’s and Ladies’ Athletics Meet!


The Aquatics Team is a joyful team with more than 20 members. Inter-Hall Aquatics Competition is held in the first semester every year. This year, There are about 40 hallmates participated in the competition. The teammates strived for their best in the Inter-Hall Aquatics Competition and came third overall in the Inter-Hall Women’s Aquatics Competition.