Bridge, an ancient and graceful game, has entered Starr Hall for several years. As an organization to popularize bridge and one of the cultural teams, our bridge team has regular practice, friendly match as well as Inter-Hall Bridge Competition.


Stargazer is an active music team in Starr Hall. Every year, students from different nationalities and music backgrounds come and jam together as music becomes is always a common language for all. We have been actively performing in Starr Hall, HKU and various places, both inside and outside Hong Kong. Our bandmates also provide free instrumental courses for hallmates who are interested in knowing drums, guitar, keyboard etc. Come and rock the stage!


Our Dance Team aims at bringing joy and excitement from dancing to members.In the annual Joint-Hall Mass Dance, hallmates are provided with the opportunity to show their efforts in the teamtrains and enjoy themselves throughout the whole process. With the sweats and efforts spent, all dancers gain memorable experience from the event!


Starr Drama is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling cultural teams in Starr Hall. We provide hallmates with the opportunity to participate in various drama performances, such as starr drama night and annual Inter-Hall Drama Competition. Drama productions involve cooperation of a large group of hallmates, like director, playwright, stage management, actors, backstage crew, etc. Friendship and hot blood are definitely what would gain after being as a member!


“Debate brings happiness, motivating us to build friendship, to get well-prepared, and thus to win the game.”

It has always been Debate Team’s motto. In every debate matches what they treasure is what to learn within and the courage to go on and not get disheartened even being defeated. Every year, members from Debate Team show their hard work and devotion to achieve their best, gaining not only debating experience, but also hot-blooded memories.