Inter-Hall Men’s Badminton

鬥志堅定 憑信取勝

十月二十四日 星期六
賴廉士體育中心 (何世光夫人中心側)
準決賽 上午十時正 對利希慎堂
冠軍 / 季軍賽 下午一時正


Date: 24 October 2015 (Saturday)
Venue: Lindsay Ride Sports Centre

Time:1000 vs Lee Hysan Hall

Champ / Third Fight
Time: 1300

Determination, Confidence, Victory!

Prize Presentation Day 2015 Promotion Video

Tears and Sweats
Joy and Pain
Victory and Fall
A time to remember, recapture and refresh
To honour all our achievements

After a year of hard work, the time for us to harvest has come. Let’s come to Prize Presentation Day and share the joy.

Date: 28 April 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 1730
Venue: Flora Ho Sports Centre
Gathering Time: 1645


The Olma Challenge Rose Bowl
Inter-Hall Women’s Competition

 Second Runner-up

Ladies’ Aquatics

Ladies’ Athletics

Ladies’ Badminton

Ladies’ Basketball

Ladies’ Softball

Ladies’ Volleyball

Men’s Athletics


First Runner-up


First Runner-up



Second Runner-up


Inter-Hall Drama Competition 2015 Promotion Video

《自聊》 桃花依舊 人面全非

下午一時正         (比賽開始)
下午四時四十五分 (施德劇社出場)

[2015 Inter-Hall Drama Competition]

Come and support us at Loke Yew Hall !!!

Date: 18th April, 2015 (Sunday)
Venue: Loke Yew Hall
13:00 Competition start
16:45 Starr Drama show time



Inter-hall Cheering Competition 2012

This year, Starr Hall continued to win the champion title, narrowly beating second place Wei Lun Hall and third place Lady Ho Tung Hall by a few points. The announcement of our win was a wonderful surprise to us all, and a sigh that our united efforts have paid off again. We hope to continue our winning streak in the Cheering Competition year after year, by passing on our spirit and passion to new generations of Starrians, and showing others the pride we take in Starr Hall.